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Recover & Manage Corrupted .xls Files Efficiently

No matter how hard you try to prevent Excel file corruption, they get corrupted due to some or the other reasons. The corruption prone nature of .xls files drags them towards the destructive elements. Although, Microsoft has provided native tools for .xls repair, which varies from Excel edition to edition, but due to their limited capabilities, users have to seek redressal from external sources. Excel repair software is regarded as one of the best solution to resolve .xls file related matters. The software has solution for every type of Excel file issue.

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Advantageous Features of the Software

  • Comprehensive solution: Whether it is unresponsive .xls file or any Excel file error message, the software fixes all the issues in seconds. Issues like round tipping, accidental deletion, illegible content, abrupt closure, header damage and Office file crash can be easily resolved with Excel recovery software. This tool can be utilized for resolving all .xls file related problems.
  • Offers Impeccable results: The software produces absolute .xls repair outcomes. It perfectly retrieves active cell contents, file tabs, rows, columns, macros, text strings, integers, hyperlinks, fonts, reports, formulas, OLE Objects, fields and other .xls file components in single repair click. Even UNICODE and ANSI characters can be efficiently recovered with the help of Excel repair tool.
  • Preserves data authenticity: Whether the Excel corruption issue is sever or minor, Excel repair software does not compromises with any situation. It reigns with the rule of protecting the data from adverse effects in every condition. Advanced data security algorithms have been incorporated in the software to maintain the data components. These algorithms form a protective layer around the Excel file, which averts external corrupted sources that intend to modify or delete .xls, file components.
  • Preview feature: Subsequent to the .xls repair process, user can verify the credibility of the software, by making use of Preview feature that helps user in detailed inspection of each and every recovered element of Excel file. The preview feature has been availed to user with view to provide a source with which user can determine the worthiness of the software practically.
  • Recovery mode:Excel recovery tool offers two types of .xls repair modes, which saves user from stressful and time-consuming manual recovery process. The software avails single file mode to repair a particular file at a time and multi file mode to recover multiple files in single repair sequence.
  • Interface: The software is simple and interactive. Novice users can utilize this .xls repair software without any difficulty. Its prompt sequence actions enable user to recover corrupted files instantaneously. The software has two types of versions, free trial and licensed version. Both the versions possess exactly same interface but differ in few functionalities as free version has some restricted functions. The similar interface of both the versions helps in better understanding the basic features and working procedure of the software.

Four Steps .xls Repair Process

Step 1: Download the software and run it. Click the Select File button to choose the .xls files that are required to be repaired.

Step 2: To add more files to the list click on Add files option and to edit the list or remove unwanted files click on Remove file option accordingly. Then select Repair and Save button to proceed ahead

Step 3: Click Browse option to define the desired destination, where you want to restore the recovered Excel files. Also select the file components that you want to restore and click Save button

Step 4: The software will start saving the recovered files. After finishing the process the software will enlist the recovered files list with location. Confirm the restoration of file at the defined destination.


Supported Versions

  • MS Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, XP, 2000, 97 & 95 files
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT & 95
Hardware compatibility
  • Memory - 64 MB RAM
  • Free Disk Space - 50 MB
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